Upholstery Products & Services


Upholstery Works was our new business line since 2005 after we acquired it from one local business operator who could not continue it due to some critical conditions.  Without having no basic understanding on this activity, we engaged the former operator to train two of our workers who could carry out the job.  With only a single upholstery sewing machine, few tools and limited materials, we continued that business.

Now we have five heavy duty upholstery sewing machines, one big sealing machine, many special tools for the right job, good and spacious layout workshop and plenty of materials including vinyls, nylex, clear plastic, fabrics with assorted colors.  We have had also two boys been trained with Training & Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF) and few weeks working attaching with Upholstery companies in Fiji.  From these formal trainings plus on the job training experience, our workers now have the ability to deliver these products and services to the very high standard;

Our products and services includes;

1.  Making cover of ship hatches, truck covers, tents, curtains and window blinds,

2.  Making new lounge sofas,

with fabric cover   with vinycl cover 

3.  Repairing old and damaged sofa to a brand new one.

before repair    after repair 

4.  Making new seat covers for all vehicles,

5.  Eyeleting and rope edging to big tarpaurines etc,

6.  Mending to bags, etc.

7.  All related work.

Being the only Upholstery operator in the country (following declining of a Government owned company), we have satisfied all our incoming Customers making our name trusted and reliable in this sector.

Photos and List of stock will be loaded soon.