Second Hand Clothing


Second Hand Clothing together with domestic small joinery business were our first business activities in early 2002.

We began importing six bales of 50kg containing mixed wears of second hand clothing from Melbourne in Australia and with the consistent supply of highly quality clothes, shoes, bags and bric-a-brac, we gradually enabled to order more and more stock on a frequent shipments basis.  With the expansion and opening of more shops, we found out that our single supplier alone could not meet our demand so it forced us to locate substitute Suppliers from Brisbane and California in the USA.  Now our frequent incoming orders of more than two 20ft containers per month have given us the ability to dominate the local market in this sector.  However as second business in the country is very competitive, the best quality of our stock with the long term expertise keep our name sweet and trusted nation wide.



Our four stores and flee markets in Tarawa and Kiritimati Islands provide retail service whilst we do also wholesale to outer island customers.  Our bales varies from 25kg to 200kg.  Small bales contains individual item and the 200kg bales contains mixed wears.  Export to neighboring countries can also be arranged with duty exemptions.

At Kiritimati Island, we have a consistent order from Honolulu, bales comes in a 400kg.  

Despite competition is very high nowadays, we retain our good name in this industry on Tarawa and Kiritimati island and outer island through wholesaling bales.

Our schedule of distribution;

1.  New bales open and displayed every two weeks on Fridays & Saturdays,

2.  The week after the prices started to reduce,

3.  A day or two before new stock comes in, remains are sold on a very low priced.

4.  Bales of mixed wear are sold and shipped to the customers islands in the outer islands on the first available boat.