Electronics Products


We entered into this line mid 2011 when we received demand from the public on why did we sell furniture and not white goods and electronic items when they have one thing in common i.e all for the household.  After a quick market survey and after we had secured suppliers in China and Singapore, then from Thailand and Indonesian factories, and Fiji in time of immediate demand, we received the first consignment in late 2011, then a consistent series of containers of each item from factories concerned inflows to our Warehouse.

White goods include;  Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Upright and Chest Freezers, Display Fridges, Glasstop Chest Freezers, Cooking Stove/Oven, Water Dispensers, Urn (Hot Water stainless boiler), Rice Cookers, Blenders, Sandwich makers, Juice Mixers, Microwaves, Irons etc etc. Our Brands ranges from Sharp, Panasonic, Modyll, Musky, Dyll & TTT Brands is our own brands specially made for us.

Electronic Items include;  TV Screens LCD and Flat ranges from 14" to 50", DVD players, PA System, Stereos, Fans Table and Stand, Radios, Electric and chargeable torches, radios, Computer Laptops, Desktops, etc etc.  We do distribute Sharp, Panasonic, Modyll, plus our own Konka brand which is made expecially for us.

Soon to arrive are power sources i.e Solar & Wind Turbine sets, gasoline and diesel generators to meet the demand from the remote islands where there is no electricity.  These are sourced from factories and will be expecting to arrive mid this year 2012.

With our own brands, our prices are unbeatable since these products are ordered direct from Factories concerned.

photos to upload soon.