Industry Departments

Our Industry Department is located within the Small Industry Centre occupying four rooms plus extensions at the rear and front of the building.  In our factory we manufacture and carry out the following activities,


We manufacture and stock the following

Clothes chest box, Wardrobe, Dressing Table, Dining Table with Chairs, Lounge settees with coffee table, Video Cabinet, Beds, Food Safe, Dish container box, Wooden tool boxes, Office Desks, Kitchen Cabinets etc,

We also make school desks  and other special orders on demand.


We build marine boats out of marine plywood and dacha timber.  This type of boat is powered by a 40hp outboard engine.

A) Wooden Boats

B) Canoes

This canoe type is commonly used in the souther Kiribati islands where outboard motor is not encouraged.  We do two sizes a single and a double paddlers.  However with special Customers need, we can modify and reinforce the structure to withstand the 2hp outboard motor.

 C) Fibreglass Boats

After our first products on these two moulds of fibre glass boats 21 ft and 17ft we have suspended further production due to low demand comparing to wooden boats.  This is due to the fact that fibreglass boats are more heavier and consumed far more petrol than a wooden boats.  With this, business is not viable with fibreglass boats.

However we still have moulds, tools and manpower to make any order on demand.

Fibreglass Boat 21ft


Fibreglass Boat 17ft                                                     


 Aluminium Boats

 We are not making aluminium boats but we have a factory partner in China that makes this per our order.  We make this available for the convenience of our local fisherman which to choose from wooden, fibreglass or aluminium boats.